Memutar File MP3 di Ubuntu, Mudah Banget

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Note for Ubuntu 9.10 users
There is a bug in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) that doesn't allow this double-click-to-install-missing-plugins procedure to work. If you want MP3 playback, the best thing to do is use Synaptic Package Manager to install ubuntu-restricted-extras. That will install MP3 playback, Flash, Java, and other proprietary plugins.

Theoretically, Ubuntu should install the MP3 codecs for you automatically, but it can't hurt to have extra repositories enabled before you start this tutorial.
This procedure will install only MP3 playback for you. If you're pretty sure you want other proprietary codecs installed, then you should install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package (which includes Flash, Microsoft fonts, and Java, among other things), as per these instructions.

Installation Procedure (Ubuntu 9.04)
First, find or download MP3 file.

Then the easiest way to install MP3 playback in Ubuntu is to just try to play an MP3 file. So just double-click the file.

Once you do that, Totem will try to play the MP3 file and then realize you do not have the necessary codecs to play MP3 files. It'll ask if you want to search for the appropriate codec. Click Search to continue.

Click Install, then Confirm.

Wait for the codecs to install. Then click OK

Now your MP3 should start playing in Totem.

Anda juga bisa mendengarkan lagu terbaru dan populer kesukaan anda dengan ubuntu.

Namun cara mudah di atas adalah bagi yang memiliki koneksi internet non proxy, jika komputer anda ubuntu offline tanpa koneksi internet. Maka anda harus menginstall manual yaitu dengan mendownload Gstream Codec untuk mp3 ubuntu.

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